Play Ball!!! Baseball is back!

At long last… Major League Baseball is back! I’m so excited for the 2015 season… I’ve waited since October through a long and cold Minnesota winter to have my beloved baseball back. 

I adore baseball on so many levels – the fast to slow and back again drama of each game, the chess-like strategies MLB’s top managers employ, the watching of the standings, to the individual player stories.

Most of all though, I love going to the ballpark. There are 30 fantastic baseball stadiums around the country, each with their own unique flavor that complements the game known as America’s Pastime. There’s no feeling like getting your ticket at the booth, knowing that you get to watch some of the world’s best athletes perform right in front of you, while you get to be a supportive observer – complete with ballpark hot dog, cheese curds, and beer(s) in hand. 

Yes, time to soak up the sun, breathe in the fresh, clean air, kick back in your favorite box seat or bleacher bench, and cheer on your favorite team. If you can swing the cash, try to get as close to the field as you can – it just makes the experience more involving if you can see the expressions on the player’s faces as they run in from the field to the dugout after a defensive stop. Or what they shout to each other in encouragement when the team needs a big play.

Professional baseball grand arena in sunlight

There are lots of things to be excited about with a new season. It’s kind of like watching 30 separate reality tv shows that stretch out over the summer. This year will be particularly interesting, since lots of teams have made significant changes over the offseason. Some teams overhauled half their lineup in the span of a week like the Padres. They made their point that they are in it to win it.

Last year had some surprises, and I was not alone in not expecting the Royals to get to the World Series, let alone take the mighty San Francisco Giants to a Game 7. But their relievers were solid and held the Giant bats at bay. Pitching can make or break a team, as we know. Will this year’s Royals team get better or worse? Who will be this year’s surprise team?

Watch for my upcoming 2015 prediction list in the coming days. For now, let’s PLAY BALL!!! 🙂