Outlook For The Diamondbacks For The Remainder Of 2017

The Arizona Diamondbacks are currently sitting a game and a half back from the Dodgers, but they are playing at a very high level and the pitching staff is among the best in the majors. However, will the Diamondbacks be able to continue this type of play for the remainder of the season or will they start to fade when they are playing against the other teams in the league that are going to be gunning for a winning team?

Well, the answer to that question really depends on the play of Paul Goldschmidt. If he is able to stay healthy and continue to produce at the same level he has been playing at all season, then the Diamondbacks will not have a lot of the worries the other teams are going to have. The downside is Goldschmidt is the one main offensive threat for the Diamondbacks and they are not very deep after him off of the bench.

As far as the pitching staff goes, they have only managed to get stronger as the season has went on. The good news is the arms on the team are also seasoned and they know what it takes to not overextend themselves and win a pennant. The relievers may need to have some work to tame down as the season goes on, but they are definitely going to pick up quite a few wins.

Having a great baseball team as the All Star break approaches is a good thing. The issue the Diamondbacks have is they have had a lot of early season success and they are looking to pick up some wins against the opponents and with the teams they are playing against it is possible for them to pick up these wins.