Diamondbacks Locker

Hello and thanks for checking out Diamondbacks Locker! This personal blog gives my personal opinion about MLB Baseball. I am a bigĀ fan of the Arizona Diamondbacks, as well as a big time fan of all of Major League Baseball.

It’s an exciting time of year for all baseball fans – OPENING DAY is here at last! I love other sports but there’s nothing like baseball season. Sure, other sports are nice but there’s no game like America’s Pastime. No other game has the same feel and energy of a ballgame at the park: the roller coaster of intensity of a bottom-of-the-ninth rally with runners on base, to the relaxed lull of a 4th inning pitcher’s duel in the hot sun on a Sunday afternoon.

Like any sport, this is the time of year with the most hope – Spring training is over and we can see what we’ve got this season. Now it’s hope that the younger guys develop, the pitching staff stays healthy and strong, and the bats connect for base hits.

Last Summer I went to several games up here in Minnesota. The Twins kind of stunk last year but we’ll see how things work out this year. Now with one of favorite all time players as manager, Paul Molitor, they’ve got a fighting chance. Still they are lacking in talent but hopefully what they are missing in that department is made up with heart and inspiration. Molly is one of baseball’s good guys, in my opinion, and it’ll be great to see him in the dugout at the helm.

This change motivates me to attend several games this month alone. I don’t recall opening day being this late in the year, though, but maybe it’s because it’s supposed to be first Monday in April. Anyway, I’ll be watching to see the Twins crawl out of the gutter.

Speaking of gutter, my Diamondbacks have some work to do. Yeah, they still have Paul Goldschmidt, runner-up MVP, but the D-back’s record last year was just 81-81. Yawn. They’ve got some young talent but it looks like they’re not going to rush anyone into the lineup as several new recruits have been shipped to AAA.

Just a few more hours til Opening Day!